Our Services

Off the shelf designs

A unique curated collection of expertly designed covers covering a wide and growing range of genres. We are adding more covers each day. Our range covers romance, historical, horror, western, erotic, adventure, children's, sci fi, fantasy and religious romance. 

For each cover we offer you the ability to choose the format, font colour and customised title information. We can also accommodate things like font size and font name if you enter this in additional details. 

Custom creations

We offer a bespoke solution for customers with exact specifications. We have an experienced team on hand to create the perfect cover for you. Get in touch for more information and pricing.

We have a creative team of graphic designers along with experienced publishing experts ready to support you. 

Social Media / promotional materials

We have a standard package of social media banners that you can buy 'off the shelf'. This includes size optimised banners for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.  


If you are looking to create anticipation for your upcoming book launch why not do some additional promotion giving away snippets and images that represent key themes in the book or plot. 

We can produce teasers from £10 per image.